How Jesus Changed My Life

I was raised in the church since a very young age but I did not have personal walk with Jesus until I encountered tough times in my life at the age of 18 years old. My father was absent for most of my adolescent years of life which created a wounded heart. I tried to fill that void by being in a relationship with a young man. I soon found out that our futures were leading in different paths, and that he could not fill my desire to be rid of insecurities about relationships. When we parted different ways I was left with a broken heart, and no purpose to live, which lead to a deep depression. I had no desire to live, to communicate to others, to even take care my personal hygiene, to seek God, and no desire to attend church. I felt alone in battle of depression not knowing that I was completely bound by Satan. Since I was bound by Satan thoughts of suicide entered in, but I could not follow though because I feared going to hell where I would be in continual pain and condemned by God forever. So I prayed "God please please I beg you to take my life in my sleep, and please finish this emptiness." God had a different plan. My mom was in constant prayer for me because she could not reach me, in her desperate cries to Jesus. My mom was going to visit a local church and was about to leave, so I stopped her and begged her to take me with her. She waited for me to get ready and I went to church completely broken. God met me there at the alter and delivered me from depression, a broken heart, and mended my broken spirit. God revealed himself to me and showed me how much he loved me and my that I was a valuable precious Gem in his eyes. I was worth every beating He took on the cross, for me. Most importantly he showed me that He was always with me. Even at my worst He was there just waiting for me to cry out for him to come and rescue me. My salvation scripture is "He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds" psalm 147:3 and salvation song is "create in me a clean heart O' God." Jesus is my daddy and He healed my broken heart and gave me a new heart to serve him, to love again. 18 years later I am blessed with a God fearing Husband of 11 years and 2 young children. God had a divine purpose for me because my name means "Worthy of Love." I am blessed to be a Daughter of the Most High King. Thank You for allowing me to share my testimony with you. Every time I share it God continues to do a spiritual healing in my heart, Both my heart and the one whom He is trying to set free. 

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"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Psalms 147:3


"Worthy of Love"

-Amanda Garcia